Welcome to our site:- we are developing a wide range of Music APPS starting with the IPADHARMONY*(TM):"Scientific interactive Music Palette Apps"[ http://ipadharmony.yolasite.com ] with the *CLebLabs*(TM) built in :-[ http://cleblabs.yolasite.com ] firstly, then the "SWISHTONES*(TM) App:[ http://swishtones.weebly.com ] and a Game App:"TUNESOMETHING*(TM)":[ http://tunesomething.weebly.com ]: with an Android build, for VINCI the "VINCI" GENIUS or VINCI Tab Product range. Our Android Baby APP is to be branded the [ "VINCIAZEE*(TM)]- the "A to ZEE" of MUSICEZEE*(TM)-"a UNIVERSE of SOUND made easy"(TM)- which will run the *CLebLabs*(TM)-makes music easy*(TM)- Social APP.  The Interactive Tablet range of APPS are under research and development by JANSTON PtyLtd.,(Australia):-[ http://ipadharmony.yolasite.com ]. All to include the "CLebLabs*TM" Brand for Social Networking of your creations for sale or just for fun, temporary Web Link:[http://cleblabs.yolasite.com] by Janston PtyLtd.,[http://youtube.com/user/ipadharmony][ http://youtube.com/user/vinciazee ]-[ http://youtube.com/user/cleblabs ]


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